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18 Months - 3 Years
Maria Montessori named the phase of the child's life from birth to three 'The Spiritual Embryonic Stage', which describes the process of development during which the new born comes into the world and emerges as an individual. During this time, the young child needs a very positive and nurturing environment.

3 Years - 6 Years
Montessori described this phase of development as 'The Social Embryonic Phase' and this is when the child enters the pre-school. The child is now ready for a wider range of friendships and is much more comfortable being away from home. Learning is more structured, language develops rapidly and every experience counts.

6 Years - 9 Years
According to Montessori, the period from 6 - 9 years old is the 'Tranquil Phase' of childhood, sandwiched peacefully between the pre-school and adolescent years. Having been nurtured in the pre-primary school, the primary aged child is more physically and emotionally independent; they are ready for their next stage of learning..


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