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Wendon Academy is an independent school for children who experience delayed and specific barriers to learning. In particular Wendon Academy caters for the holistic educational needs of children who have learning barriers and who are not able to flourish in alternate educational schooling systems. In this educational context many of these children may manifest academic, behaviour problems and a lack of social integration which results in their marginalization, both during their school career and beyond.

Wendon Academy was opened in January 2003 after its founders, Donald and Wendy Hicks took the initiative to set up a holistic, caring and high quality educational environment that would meet the specific needs of children with special needs. Their journey to 2003 had been one of personal experience and much research that was driven by their need to find a suitable educational context for the children that enter Wendon Academy.

Mission Statement
The aim of Wendon Academy is to develop happy, thinking, caring pupils who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and life skills to cope as balanced and confident individuals in their communities.

Where We Are Situated
Set in a beautiful garden in Westville with glorious views over Durban and beyond to the Indian Ocean. The sense of tranquility that prevails adds to the relaxed atmosphere in both the buildings and the grounds. This personalized environment encourages learners to feel that they are at a "home away from home". Click here to see more



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