Opti-Baby & Kids Bedfordview Pre-School

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At Opti-Baby & Kids we create a place of wellbeing and joy – to bring parents like you the enormous comfort that comes with knowing your little one is cared for and thriving. These are our philosophies and values that shape Opti-Baby & Kids experiences and set us apart from other day-care centres. Developing 21st century children with the skills to cope in an ever changing world. To offer a premium, national infant and ECD learning experience through: Dedicated staff who apply inspired efforts to grow young minds and bodies; Parental partnership to foster an extended-family environment for your child; and A best-in-class curriculum Our Core Values – The WHY concept: Safety and Security Caring, loving and nurturing Innovation Learning through fun and play Continuous development Educationally relevant Professionalism A partner in parenting

Accepted Ages

  • Ages 12 - 18 Months
  • Ages 18 - 24 Months
  • Ages 24 - 36 Months
  • Ages 3 - 6 Years

Offered Grades

  • Grade 0 / R
  • Grade 00 / RR

School Features

  • Aftercare
  • Holiday Care
  • Air Conditioning
  • Art Studio
  • Creche
  • Early Childhood Development Programme
  • Kindergarten
  • Pre-Primary


  • Gauteng Department of Education

Religious Affiliation

  • Secular

First Language

  • English

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Business Hours
Closed Now

  • Monday
    07:00 am - 03:30 pm
  • Tuesday
    07:00 pm - 03:30 pm
  • Wednesday
    07:00 pm - 03:30 pm
  • Thursday
    07:00 am - 03:30 pm
  • Friday
    07:00 am - 03:30 pm
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed

Listing FAQs

How do I apply?

Send us an email, and we'll respond with all the necessary information required.

What are the school fees?

Because it differs from grade to grade, it is best to inquire to get the most accurate information.


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