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Our family owned Tree of Life Preschool and Aftercare is conveniently located in the most accessible part of Bryanston, securely nestled in an extensive garden shaded by huge oak trees. The preschool conveniently opens at 6h40 and closes at 17h30 to accommodate parents returning late from work. Individual classes for each preschool age group accommodate children as young as new born babies till the age of 6 years. The youngest children from 0 to 2 years old are securely cared for in their own secluded classroom with its own dining room, playroom, sleeping area and garden play area. Children in each age group progress through an educational programme preparing them for our Grade R primary school readiness programme centred around CAPS curriculum. All indiviual classrooms are fully equipped with variety of toys as well as educational material and each age group is carefully cared for by a qualified lead teacher and an assistant to ensure one on one attention. Throughout the year children enjoy spacious, safe and fully supervised playground. Our kitchen staff, prepares daily, fresh wholesome meals and snacks for both Preschool and Aftercare children. These are served throughout the day and include variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables in carefuly thought out menu. Kitchen is constantly monitored to ensures high hygiene standards. The preschool outsources extra mural programmes to provide variety and quality and currently offer swimming, golf, soccer, science, math and ballet classes for all age groups. For the past 10 years we have been providing private aftercare services for primary school children from Grade 0 to Grade 7 attending Bryandale Primary School, Bryanston Primary School and Bryneven Primary School. Dedicated teachers provide hands on assistance with homework, reading, preparation for tests/exams, projects and assignments with full access to number of wifi enabled computer and other primary school resources. All aftercare children are offered free afternoon collection from their schools, at four different time schedules. The preschool as well as aftercare centre are open during July and October school holidays and to support working parents, we offer a special holiday program for our aftercare children. As an additional offering, we provide shuttle service for children to and from home, from 6h30 to 18h00.

Accepted Ages

  • Ages 12 - 18 Months
  • Ages 18 - 24 Months
  • Ages 24 - 36 Months
  • Ages 3 - 6 Years

Offered Grades

  • Grade 0 / R
  • Grade 00 / RR

School Features

  • Aftercare
  • Holiday Care
  • Air Conditioning
  • Art Studio
  • Creche
  • Early Childhood Development Programme
  • Kindergarten
  • Pre-Primary


  • Gauteng Department of Education

Religious Affiliation

  • Secular

First Language

  • English

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Business Hours
Closed Now

  • Monday
    07:00 am - 03:30 pm
  • Tuesday
    07:00 pm - 03:30 pm
  • Wednesday
    07:00 pm - 03:30 pm
  • Thursday
    07:00 am - 03:30 pm
  • Friday
    07:00 am - 03:30 pm
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed

Listing FAQs

How do I apply?

Send us an email, and we'll respond with all the necessary information required.

What are the school fees?

Because it differs from grade to grade, it is best to inquire to get the most accurate information.


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